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In a casino like http://www.netticasino.mobi/ we can find a wide variety of games. From classic slot lever with a single line to the new multi-line slot with its famous progressive jackpots, which may accumulate up to several million Euros. A set midway between the slots and Video poker is the Poker game where certain plays poker five cards obtained with a single discard reward. Winning combinations depend on the type of game machine, such as: "Jacks or Better", "The Deuces are wild", etc. Between games, the most popular game is the classic game of Roulette, very played in Spain, where around their tables lot of people are concentrated, some trying their luck, and others watching the show. Blackjack, the most played casino game in the United States, where not only luck involved in all tables and try to beat the dealer.

One of the Spanish games par excellence, Muss, also have their place in casinos where newspapers are organized tournaments with great
prizes. The online casinos are constantly evolving to incorporate the latest advances in their games, ensuring the best user experience, now you can play online casino in 3D and some of them have table games like blackjack or roulette Dealer alive.

In an online casino you can play for free (play money) or for real money. In addition, most online casinos have two versions of the game, with no download or download both versions have two options of play, free play or real money. The no download version does not require any downloads or installation, you can play through the web browser (Internet Explorer, Fire
fox, ...), the supply of games no download version is more limited than the offer that can found in the download version. The instant play version no download is very comfortable for the user as it can be played directly from the browser.

As we have noted, requires download version is a more complete and more game version number in this case will have to download the game, the download is free, and once you have downloaded the game must install on your computer . Setup of an online casino game is very easy and quick, the installation process should not take more than 2 minutes. Once the game is installed and you can start playing directly from your computer desktop.
Currently you can find many books on poker, casino games but there is almost no literature in Spanish. On the Internet there is much information about online casinos, but many pages are accurate and reliable information, No, that's the right answer. Well, Casino born with the aim of providing the most complete and reliable information in Spanish on casino games online.