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Online casinos have constantly modernize to offer players ever more inventive and innovative products. One recent engineering inventions is called the live dealer. If you do not already know this new game mode, you clicked the right link! Team bonus-casino-en-ligne.info reveals everything you need to know about this visionary invention.

The live dealer, or French "live dealer" means a set method proposed by some online casinos. With this revolutionary game mode, the player can play a game of blackjack in front of a real dealer. Using many miniature cameras, facts and dealer's actions are broadcast in real time on the player's computer. It can thus experience the action live.

As in a game of blackjack in the state of the art, the dealer online on average uses 8 decks of cards in the same game, to avoid the card counting. Some online casinos offer table games suitable for more players. You can play 7 players on the same table as in a real game of blackjack. In addition, online chat is usually available during the game to allow players to communicate with the dealer.

The main advantage of live dealer is to make part of the liveliest cards possible. Indeed, the player will have much more fun to play opposite a real dealer rather than a computer system. So you can enjoy the pleasure of a real game of blackjack, comfortably from your couch. On the other hand, online dealers also allow players who have never played a blackjack game in a casino, get used to the gesture of the dealer. The player can thus become familiar with the terms and techniques of the game before playing, if desired, part of blackjack in a casino.

Moreover, thanks to this revolutionary method, the player has tangible proof of the honesty of the casino. Indeed, some players think that the parts of table games in online casinos are fraudulent and rigged. With this method, they will have the freedom to check for themselves the actions of the dealer, to find that the game is entirely safe. Moreover, thanks to this game mode, the player now has the opportunity to play a real game of blackjack where and when he wishes. It is no longer necessary to move in land casinos and wait until the hours of table games. You can also find this game mode to other table games, such as baccarat, roulette or Texas Hold'em.