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Use of mobile phones among online casino players are becoming more and more widespread, and it is therefore hardly surprising that the casino on your mobile becomes more and more popular these days. You have not always access to your computer, but one's mobile phone, most well with him everywhere. Therefore, it is no wonder that even the casinos are interested in offering casino on the phone to all their players. In this way, they realize the incredible potential of the mobile gambling, but it's pretty much a win-win situation for us players who want to use your phone to a little entertainment. Or maybe just to kill time while waiting for the bus or train. Therefore we have created this page about mobile casinos.

In Denmark, the gaming legislation recently revised, which meant that the monopoly was abolished, and other carriers have been granted access to the Danish market. It requires a license from the Gambling Authority, and you only get if you meet certain requirements, among other things, requires the use NemID solution to log in on the casinos. The solution has not worked fully on mobile casinos, and therefore such opportunities been delayed in the Danish market. Now, however, several casinos that offer casino on mobile for the Danes. This trend is expected to continue at lightning speed, so we will soon see many more casinos that offer casino games on mobile.

Android mobile phones are by now almost as popular as the iPhone. You know casinos certainly too, so they are starting to create Android compatible mobile casinos with the games that are popular among online gamers. If a casino offers games on the phone, they will also offer it to Android smartphones. The mobile phone iPhone has enchanted people all over the world and has achieved remarkable success since it was unveiled by Apple. You know it certainly, this well-designed and unique smartphone that have delighted so many people. Of course you will also find casino games adapted this phone and other Apple products such as iPads. That way you can also play casino on your mobile when you have an iPad.

Mobile casino games are fast becoming as popular as games on a regular desktop or laptop computer. Therefore, you can also find casinos that rates on other types and systems, for example BlackBerry and Windows phones. The latter is expected to gain even more ground for cooperation with Nokia, and casinos are ready with solutions that make that even players with these phones can play casino of good will. Overall, the future looks bright for games on mobile phones. There are still some sticking points with the Gaming Authority and the Danish gaming legislation, but it can not be assumed that it will take a long time before casino on the mobile will be at least as widespread as in other comparable countries. On this page you can choose between the casinos forefront of development.