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Mobile casinos, appeared relatively recently (mid nineties) immediately began to become popular and we are today a phenomenon. And not ultimately this has been so because of the convenience they offer unique, because you can play with real money and win in gambling without leaving home. Modern online casinos are even more comfortable by giving customers the ability to play from a mobile phone, that is where you want you are. As implied by its name, mobile casinos are gambling where you can gamble with real money from a mobile device.

As a rule, it is foreign sites (in Russian mobile casinos are almost nonexistent because of the legislation under which they are banned online casinos throughout the country) with a game software makers more scope, such as Playtech and Microgaming. Mobile casinos are almost no differences in their online brothers, the only difference between them the facts that can be played on mobile casinos from the phone itself.

The particularity of mobile casinos is that, in them, as in the current online casinos, you can play with both real money as virtual currency (in fact, in the latter case is not whether you want to register). To save traffic can be played on many mobile casinos with virtual money in offline regime (i.e., are not required to be connected to the Internet). Thus, to download the software from the website of the mobile casino, you will pose a comfortable choice: either play with real money connecting to interne from the mobile phone or use the casino software as a game more mobile and offline play using virtual currency.

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The first thing to keep in mind if you decide to enter the world of mobile casinos are the system requirements for mobile devices. Far from it can work with any phone software mobile casinos, so first of all should meet the minimum requirements imposed at (as a general rule, the requirements are indicated on the casino site). At a minimum, your mobile device must support a fast internet connection (Wifi or 3G) and Java technology. Also, to play on you mobile casino a decent browser will be needed. Indeed, many mobile casinos practice the healthy habit of testing on their sites the full list of compatible phones, so surely you will not have to try for yourself if your phone supports the casino software or not. It is enough to visit the casino site chosen.

If your phone meets all requirements of the casino, you can now proceed to the next step: register at the casino and download the necessary
software. Do not forget that if you plan to play casino games for real money, you will choose a system before recharging it. The easiest is to recharge your account via electronic payment systems Web money and Index. DEng or by card. When you download the game software to play mobile casino, follow exactly the instructions, since installing the software incorrectly, you may not play in the casino from your mobile phone.