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Tips Of Online Blackjack

Blackjack is today in most popular card game, its main feature that the player competes against the dealer and not against other players. Should not confuse the classic blackjack and the "point" or "21". These two sets of cards differ in a number of rules, though, if you can play the "21" you can learn to play blackjack very fast. It is considered the game of "2L" or "point", the "grandfather" of the classic blackjack, but its origin is unknown. Curiously, the first who wrote at the time about the game of "21" by Miguel de Cervantes, the author of the famous novel "Don Quixote". In one of his works, Cervantes described the rules of a card game called "Twenty", in which the main objective is to get twenty points. The written review of this game dates from 1601, meaning that this game already has nearly four centuries of life!

Since the early seventeenth century was played "twenty" in France and Spain, and a century later moved to the United States, considered the homeland of the game of blackjack. in the beginning, the "21" was not nearly the most popular game in the United States, so the playhouse had to resort to tricks Online Blackjack Classy
call kinds to stimulate interest of the players, thus proposing all kinds of bonuses and possible payments. One of these bonds consisted of an immediate payment of 10 to 1 if the winning combination of a player fuer an ace of spades and a "black" jack (ie, the jack of spades or clover). This combination was renamed "blackjack" (blackjack English name translates as "black jack"), and subsequently led to the respective name of this card game, even though the casinos suddenly stopped offering payments 10 to 1. Currently, the winning combination "blackjack" is composed of an ace + ten or any other card that contains a figure of any suit.

In this game you can participate one or several players, competing against the dealer. The goal is to get 21 points or a number of points as close as possible to 21 without going over 21. In blackjack is played using one or more decks of 52 cards (the number of decks can reach eight) and certainly, the more decks are used, the player's disadvantage. This is related to the fact that the odds of getting the winning combination of "blackjack" is lower when playing with a large number of cards if only one or two decks are used.

Before you start playing bets are made (if you are playing in the casino, players place pieces proposed in the appropriate fields in a semicircular table game before the cards are dealt and once have been distributed these, it is forbidden to touch the chips). The dealer deals two cards to all participating players and himself (in the American version of blackjack and the dealer are dealt two cards very well, but one of them is hidden). The cards are dealt open, i.e. standing with the back down, so that both the value of the card is immediately seen by both the players and the dealer.

Once the cards are dealt, only if he leaves the combination of "blackjack" he is assured of victory the player, ie, as + ten or ace + any figure. In this case, the player is entitled to be paid the prize instantly, in ratio of 3 to 2. The only exception to this rule is when the dealer's first card is an ace, a ten or figure. In this case, it is likely that the dealer can also do "blackjack", which aims to player two options: either to be paid immediately, but in proportion of 1-1, or wait out the hand.