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The online casinos with real dealers represent a full-fledged replacement of the traditional casino, plus with the highest level of comfort provided (play for real money in online casino can be done without leaving home). The service is offered by real croupiers today virtually all major casinos, which assume substantial costs for the sake of comfort and satisfaction of the players; for the player to be able to play online with a real dealer, casinos have spaces and special studies and provide it with all kinds of equipment, in addition to paying monthly remuneration of the dealer.

Needless to say, play with a real dealer in an online casino can not replace the experience of playing a classic casino, if only because most actions in the online gambling are carried out by an artificial intellect, a computer, determining who the winners / losers and calculates payments made to players. But a real dealer in an online casino only small number of functions is limited. Among its duties include the delivery of letters, launching the ball in the roulette and so on depending on the game. Not all games offered at online casinos you can find a real dealer. In the Internet space it has taken special broadcast on real blackjack dealer, and one can also deal with a dealer roulette, baccarat and in some types of Poker.

The advantages of playing with a real dealer are obvious to anyone who has had the opportunity to play in a traditional casino if only once: the dealer can explain some rules of the game are unclear, you can talk with him, and likewise, you can monitor your actions if you suspect that the casino is cheating him. These same advantages exist in online casinos with real dealers. In those casinos where there is the possibility to play directly with a dealer, you can not fear for the integrity of their money as it is yourself that with your own eyes can control the course of the game and dealer actions, even with the help of web cameras. In most online casinos you can talk to the dealer in the passage of the game; for this purpose there is a special chat.

The main advantage of online casino with live dealer no longer resides in the presence of the above "encouraged" considerably any game of chance, but the dealer is, in these casinos, the guarantor of honesty. Judge for yourself: to prepare a special room, provide it with all necessary equipment (table poker, roulette, all sensors that transmit information during the game, and of course, a camera) and hire a croupier, casino It is assuming a significant amount of costs. And he understands perfectly that only large and successful casinos can afford such expenses, which means that engage in cheating on payments to their customers.
Of all the different online casinos, whose number is estimated at hundreds and first casinos include insurance, i.e. gambling dens that can provide its customers with guarantees of honesty. What can best serve as collateral but observe the evolution of the game. Following this logic emerged online casino with real dealers that give players the chance to participate in games against another real person, not against an artificial intellect.